A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food


Explore the delicious world of Korean Food! A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food introduces little readers to classic and modern Korean dishes and provides fun facts about the foods and culture of Korea. Learn how kimchi is made or discover what makes a Korean fried chicken so crispy. Author, Michelle Li, brings pride and energy for her Korean culture in her debut children's book. Illustrated by Sunnu Rebecca Choi in mixed media, each page is a colorful exploration of a dish that is sure to make every reader hungry.

For ages 3+
Hardback ISBN: 9781737240426
Features: Hardcover, 7" x 10.5", full color illustrations
Printed on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper


“There are countless reasons to love Korean culture, but one standout reason is its amazing cuisine. <i>A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food </i> is delicious.”

<br>- MIN JIN LEE, author of <i> Free Food for Millionaires </i> and <i>Pachinko</i>, a finalist for the National Book Award

“Forget ‘stinky lunchbox’ moments. We're not doing that anymore. Korean food is here, it's delicious, and it's meant to be shared. This book is a celebration of some of my favorite dishes, and I guarantee it will make your mouth water.”

<br>- PHIL YU, author of <i>RISE: A Pop History of Asian America from the Nineties to Now</i>

“This is a great, informative and fun way to introduce Korean food to kids (and adults) who may not be familiar with Korean cuisine. Michelle has covered and touched on all of my favorites!”

<br>- ALICE CHOI, creator of Hip Foodie Mom

Customer Reviews

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Andrea Guzman
Love this book!

Love the illustrations and the foods they they included in this book. It's a great way for me and my daughter to learn about and connect with our Korean heritage. Definitely recommend!

Jane K.
Love it! Read it to my daughter's class!

We LOVE this book! We just read it to my daughter's kindergarten class, as they are learning about different cultures and backgrounds. It was a great way to get other (non-Korean) kids acquainted with not only Korean foods, but the pronunciation of Korean words (and they were great at it!). It was awesome to see my daughter share her Korean heritage with her classmates in a tangible way. Most of the kids in the classroom said "hotteok" was their favorite food from the book; "bingsoo" was a close second. Thank you again for making this food with beautiful illustrations!

Rora Bart

My kids are obsessed with this book. They love being able to put a more accessible picture and story to some of the foods they eat and why we eat them. And now they can point out which foods they want to eat when my mom comes to visit.

Sarah Choe
A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food

I’m overjoyed with this book. The illustrations remind me of the old Korean folk tale books I read when I was younger. This is a very timely book in our household as my kids are starting to fully embrace their Korean culture.

It really intrigued my 8yr old

First, I absolutely love the illustrations. Every page is chock full of information and my daughter went back a few times to look at specific pages again. A week or so after reading the book, we were listening to a story that mentions lots of Korean foods and she got really excited that she recognized a bunch of them!