Gloo Books is an independent publishing company making children’s books for a more inclusive, just and compassionate future. We believe the change we want to see can start with our children and there is no better place to begin that process than in the books they read. Books are transformative tools that can empower children through creative and informative storytelling.

As a direct-to-consumer business, we operate outside the traditional publishing mold. Doing things outside-the-box gives us the freedom to create purpose-driven books from a diverse community of storytellers and green light concepts that may be unconventional in children’s publishing. 

Because we are a new and small publisher, we are especially invested in the authors we choose to publish and have a hands-on approach, working closely and collaboratively with authors and the team of professionals involved in creating books. As a mission-driven company, we see our authors as part of the larger Gloo Books community we are building. We are looking for passionate creatives that share our point of view and are equally excited about our mission.

Guidelines for submissions:

  • Board books or picture book for children
  • Approximately 32 pages (inclusive of text and illustrations) with 300-600 word count 
  • Fiction or nonfiction

Include in your email or cover letter:

  • A summary about yourself– we want to get to know you! Please include whether you have been previously published and/or where you or your work has appeared, including any articles, appearances, speaking engagements or your social media accounts.
  • For authors, unless you are an author/illustrator, please provide a text only manuscript. If part of your story depends on context that is expressed through illustration, you can make note of this in your email or manuscript.
  • A brief summary of your manuscript and why it’s a good fit for Gloo Books to publish. We want to know about your vision, inspiration and/or purpose for writing your book.  

Email your submission to