Gloo Books

Books for a more inclusive, just and compassionate future.

Hi, I’m Karen.

As a new mother, I was reading a lot of children’s books with my son. He loved them all – animal books, silly books, the classics. Reading with him daily, I realized that none of the characters in his books looked like him. In fact, 71% of children’s books feature characters that are animals or white. I had to seek out certain books in an effort to diversify his bookshelf. Values like inclusivity and compassion are important to me. Why shouldn’t these values be reflected in the books my child reads?

So I decided
to write my own
children’s book.

But when it became clear that the lack of diversity was also an issue throughout the publishing industry, I realized one book simply wasn’t enough. What started as an idea to write a children’s book turned into a larger vision to create a publishing company that makes books which more accurately reflect the world around us today. We're just getting started on our journey to empower little readers everywhere.

Thanks for joining us.
I'm so glad you're here.