Love this book

"We have so much fun reading this as a family. My kids especially love seeing the bao and mooncakes. We have even made plans to make and eat the foods in the book that we are unfamiliar with. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have a book that reflects my heritage and experiences growing up Asian in the US. This book gives me hope that my children will have a better experience than I did. Thank you."

Jennee C.

Feeling Seen

"I vividly remember my own experience of taking daals and biryani in my school lunches and seeing all my classmates turn their noses up. It wasn’t long after that when I started strictly taking sandwiches and carrots in my lunch bag instead. I wish I would have had this type of message as a child, but I’m so grateful my daughter will have it. This book is so beautifully illustrated, and the story is such a lovely reminder of the importance of teaching children about where they came from."

Maheen B.

'What’s That' is the perfect gift!

"Such a heart warming book that fits perfectly on my children’s book shelf. My kids love the illustrations and the meaning behind this wonderful book. This makes the perfect Christmas gift for all my nieces and nephews too. Thank you Karen!"

Cara N.

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