A Very Asian Guide Series


Get all four books in the Very Asian Guide series! Filled with fun facts, each book is a unique and beautifully illustrated guide to Asian cuisine. This series was created to cultivate curiosity and empathy in kids by inviting them to explore different foods and cultures.

For ages 3+
Features: Hardcover, 7" x 10.5", full color illustrations
Printed on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper


Learn how kimchi is made or discover what makes a Korean fried chicken so crispy.

Learn how adobo got its tangy flavor or about the vibrant purple Filipino vegetable that is used in desserts around the world.

Learn why fish sauce is so important to Vietnamese cuisine or what makes bánh khọt so crunchy and irresistible.

Learn how to eat with your hands or about all the different combinations of chaat.

Customer Reviews

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Love the art and the context - written well! This will be a gift for my foodie friend and her girls.


We love these books

Tram Nguyen
Asian cookbooks

The books are lovely, but my son is 12 years old and there were not enough recipes. I was hoping to have more recipes like PHO. The books are definitely for a younger population

Shana Scott
Expected more

I expected at least five recipes per book. I bought these sets as gifts for my niece and nephew. They both have a passion for learning about other cultures and trying different foods. They are especially interested in learning to cook a few things from each culture.

The illustrations and story are great, however, there really needs to be more recipes in each book.

Kendra S
Such fun books!

Bought these for my son and love how colorful they are! The foods, descriptions, and illustrations make everything seem delicious. We were especially thrilled to find recipes in the back and I look forward to re-reading our books and cooking the foods when he’s a bit older. For reference, he’s currently 4.5 months but is still able to engage with the books during our reading time. We hope that more beautiful cultures and foods will be represented in future books!