Composting for Community


Winner of the 2024 Green Earth Book Honor Award

Mateo’s father is a composter, but when the class falls silent during his career day presentation, he sets out to learn more about not only his father’s job, but about composting itself. His dad’s seemingly ordinary job unveils a world of interconnectedness, family heritage and environmental stewardship that changes Mateo’s perspective. Guided by his family, Mateo delves into the science of composting and witnesses the transformation of trash into nourishing compost that provides life for our planet.

Written by the founder of LA Compost, this story is a call to action for readers of all ages. Filled with familial love and educational lessons on composting science and climate change, Composting for Community is an inspiring story about the power of community where every small effort can blossom into something extraordinary.

For ages 5+ 
36 pages
ISBN: 9781737240488
Hardcover, 9” x 11”, full color illustrations


Meet the Author

Michael Martinez is a former elementary school teacher, a father, and the founder of LA Compost. Growing up in Los Angeles, he was amazed at the ways in which his family could repair and restore everyday items that he assumed were destined for the trash. He loves riding his bike, eating tacos, and “staycations” with his family. He is fascinated with life within the soil, and honored to know so many people who are cultivating joy above it.

Meet the Illustrator

Hannah Abbo is a self-taught, award-winning illustrator from the United Kingdom. She currently lives with her partner, child and cat in Lisbon, Portugal. When she's not drawing she loves gardening, rollerblading and knitting.

Customer Reviews

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Heart-filling, fun to read, fantastic

I love this book more than an adult should love a kids book. I want it in every classroom, every gift shop, every family's bookshelf. It teaches without being didactic or boring for the kiddos. The story is lovely and engaging. All the explanations about the science of composting are spot-on and easy to follow. My 2 and 4 year old both request it and pull it off the shelf all the time.

Also - it is love embodied, without ever hammering anything home. Love for the earth, love for community, love for family. Family bonds and intergenerational tenderness and respect are gently uplifted
Men and boys speak kindly to one another and help each other. They tend to the world around them.

I recommend this book to literally everyone I can think of. It will change the world.

J Sullivan
Encouraging youth to Compost in our County

We will be distributing this book to our county libraries and our 9 elementary schools in our district. This is the reason for purchasing this book. We are the only garden club in our county and wish to educate our youth about every aspect of gardening and conservation.

Annie Baker
love it

I got excited and purchased this book based off the cover alone. After reading, I can say I love it and am stoked to share with everyone!

Lauren Click
Cute Composting Book for Kids!

Really fun way to get children more interested in soil and sustainability.

Nenji Yilpet

Composting for Community