Mostly Me


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I’ve got some green, I’ve got some blue. 
Some have asked, “So what are you?” 
Not quite blue, not fully green. 
I’m something new. I’m in-between. 

This joyful and introspective picture book about navigating biracial identity follows a blue-green narrator on a journey of self-discovery. Written in playful rhyme, Mostly Me is an ode to readers of all ages that have felt out of place, questioning who they are. Navigating oft-asked questions like “Who am I? Do I belong?”, readers discover the most empowering answer of all: “I’m mostly me.” Written and illustrated by two biracial storytellers, author Collin Hall and artist Crystal Dawn Chaffee, this book creates a vibrant and uplifting message for anyone who feels like they're in-between.

For ages 3+
32 pages
Hardback ISBN: 9781737240471
Hardcover, 9” x 11”, full color illustrations


Meet the Author

Collin Hall is a dad, creative and biracial Korean-American living out of Austin, Texas with one dog, two children, three chickens and no time. Collin started writing Mostly Me shortly after his first daughter was born with the hope to provide her a foundational way to approach multiracial identity and learning to claim her own space. He is a decent gardener, mediocre fly angler, adequate husband, and bedtime story reader extraordinaire.

Meet the Illustrator

Crystal is a biracial Filipino-American artist based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves to paint, make drawings, move, and drink a lot of coffee. Crystal has a passion for bringing stories to life with memorable characters both on the page and on screen. In her artwork, she takes inspiration from her observations of nature, everyday life, and her love for bold mid century design. She enjoys exploring the use of shape, color, and texture, while also using her experience in animation to add rhythm in her illustration work.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren K
The book I wish I had as a kid!

The illustrations are so adorable and the storyline of this book warms my heart. I'm gifting this to a friend for her little ones but it's exactly the book I wish I could've had growing up!

A needed story!

We love "Mostly Me"! It's a great way to encourage the littles in our life to celebrate the multitudes they and others contain and to explore self-identity early in life. The kiddos seem to love the colorful illustrations and playful rhyming :)

Lindsay Carlson



Preparing to raise a mixed child and I can’t wait to read this to them!


Love this book to pieces.