Baby Go! Bundle

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Baby Go! explores colors, shapes, sounds and sensory experiences through travel. This series offers a fun and educational way to learn about the world. Baby, pack your bags and let’s go!

For ages 0-4
22 pages each
Board book, 7” x 7", full color illustrations


Baby eats dumplings. How many?
1 yī 一, 2 èr 二, 3 sān 三, 4 sì 四, 5 wǔ 五.
Hăochī hăochī 好吃好吃!

We hanami 花見 under sakura 桜.
It’s springtime in Japan!

Baby is carried in a podaegi 포대기.
A quilted blanket to keep baby warm and close.

Customer Reviews

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Jan James
Baby Go bundle

Beautiful and educational. I am always looking for ways to connect little ones to travel and broaden their views of the world. These books are just right. They are colorful, attractive and focus on the specific cultural identities of each country.

Sausha Christensen
Baby Go! Love

These books are so cute! They share culture, love of travel, and even new languages with little ones. My kids have loved them and having lived in Asia before, I love sharing them with them.

Jeanne Thornton
Baby Go 4 books

Great books with many interesting cultural references. Loved the ways to explain languages and different life styles and beautiful travel spots to children, very educational! And the illustrations are very colorful and cute to attract children’s attention. So happy to have them!