A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food


Explore the delicious world of Korean Food! A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food introduces little readers to classic and modern Korean dishes and provides fun facts about the foods and culture of Korea. Learn how kimchi is made or discover what makes a Korean fried chicken so crispy. Author, Michelle Li, brings pride and energy for her Korean culture in her debut children's book. Illustrated by Sunnu Rebecca Choi in mixed media, each page is a colorful exploration of a dish that is sure to make every reader hungry.

For ages 3+
Hardback ISBN: 9781737240426
Features: Hardcover, 7" x 10.5", full color illustrations
Printed on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper


“There are countless reasons to love Korean culture, but one standout reason is its amazing cuisine. <i>A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food </i> is delicious.”

<br>- MIN JIN LEE, author of <i> Free Food for Millionaires </i> and <i>Pachinko</i>, a finalist for the National Book Award

“Forget ‘stinky lunchbox’ moments. We're not doing that anymore. Korean food is here, it's delicious, and it's meant to be shared. This book is a celebration of some of my favorite dishes, and I guarantee it will make your mouth water.”

<br>- PHIL YU, author of <i>RISE: A Pop History of Asian America from the Nineties to Now</i>

“This is a great, informative and fun way to introduce Korean food to kids (and adults) who may not be familiar with Korean cuisine. Michelle has covered and touched on all of my favorites!”

<br>- ALICE CHOI, creator of Hip Foodie Mom

Customer Reviews

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Kay Yoon
Beautifully written and illustrated book!

Not only do I love that this book exists and that there's finally an English language picture book about Korean food that is written by a Korean American author, I also love that "A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food" is well written with gorgeous illustrations and has a lot of accurate details. I also noticed and appreciate how the characters enjoying and eating the food in the book are of different races and skin tones, reflecting the diversity of many families and social circles. This book is a much-needed and welcome addition to the increasingly diverse array of children's books that reflect and represent the experiences of Korean Americans and of the Korean diaspora.

Alice Kang
Love this book!

Sooo cute! Very fun to read!

Megan Becker
A must read!

I’m a 3rd grade teacher and a huge priority for me is to have a diverse library full of books that pertain beautiful and authentic representations of every culture. This book is the perfect addition and my students are obsessed with it. Cannot recommend enough.

Tory Bae
I Wish I Had This Book When I Was A Kid

As a transracial adoptee from Korea, reading through this book was healing to my inner child. I loved the illustrations and the pronunciations. I think it’s amazing how many people will get to experience Korean food because of this book!

Danielle Violante