“When our children cannot find themselves reflected in the books they read or when the images they see are distorted, negative or laughable, they learn a powerful lesson about how they are devalued in the society of which they are part.”   - Rudine Sims Bishop, professor and "mother" of multicultural children's literature

As a new mother, I was always on the search for more children's books. My son loved to read them all - silly books, books with numbers and colors, the classics. Reading with him daily, I realized that almost none of the characters in these books looked like him. In fact, 71% of children’s books feature characters that are animals or white. I had to seek out books that featured people of color. Diversity in representation is fundamental to issues important to me like empowerment, inclusivity and equity. Why shouldn’t these values be reflected in books my child reads?

So I decided to write my own book. What started as an idea for a children’s book turned into a larger vision to publish books that feature subjects and voices that have been underrepresented. Our goal is to empower children through storytelling that is inclusive, just and compassionate. We believe diversity in stories, whether they’re about BIPOC, immigrant or LGBTQ+ characters, is not only needed in children’s literature but more accurately reflects the world around us today. Our mission is to expand bookshelves and minds - our books are bound for change!

- Karen Chan, founder of Gloo Books


Gloo Books is a publishing company that makes children’s books for a more inclusive, just and compassionate future. Our company was initially founded on a simple concept - to increase representation of characters of color in the books children read. When it became clear that lack of diversity was also an issue among children’s book authors, illustrators and decision makers at publishing houses, we decided to create a company that championed these values through all aspects of the book making and distributing business. Being a truly purpose-driven business, we give a portion of our proceeds to nonprofits working to advance justice and equity. We publish children’s books that are not only inclusive but also expose children to today’s important issues. We believe books are transformative tools that can empower children and create change.