Calling All Future Voters! Aims to Inspire A New Generation of Voters

Coming this September from Gloo Books, Calling All Future Voters! details not only the importance of voting, but the ongoing fight for voting rights. The picture book is written by civil rights activists and attorneys Rev. Edward A. Hailes Jr. and Jennifer Lai-Peterson—both formerly of The Advancement Project—and veteran children’s writer Laura Atkins.  

The kids of the E-Squad after-school troop are working on their newest project: voting. But as they conduct a survey in their neighborhood, they realize that voting isn’t easy for everyone, and that many are still fighting for the right to vote. Determined to help, the E-Squad mobilizes their community to vote. 

Especially ahead of yet another critical election season, “it is important to inspire young ones to envision a democracy that embraces their notions of fairness, inclusion, and the power of self-determination,” says Hailes. “Yes, there are details and decisions about voting rights and protections that may be beyond their current years of understanding. Yet, why not fix their eyes and minds on basic notions of voting as a superpower right now?”

In the works for over two years now, Calling All Future Voters! was one of the first books Gloo’s founder and CEO Karen Chan envisioned publishing. “It’s not only a topic I as a mother want to talk about with my kids, but a story that will only become more important over time,” she shares. “And what better way to teach kids than with a story about voting rights and advocacy from the experts themselves?” 

“We've written a book to help kids understand why it's important to vote, how people have fought for this right, and the tools to know their rights,” says Atkins. “But this isn't just important for kids. It's for the adults around them during this crucial time when our democracy is at stake.”

“This book shows kids how organizing and community building works and why it is at the very heart of all positive social change in our nation—a type of grassroots organizing that is from the hearts and souls of Black Americans and their freedom fighting tradition,” comments Lai-Peterson.

As Hailes says: “Our hope is young readers and those responsible for their learning will read this book and be inspired to learn more and do more to build a democracy that is worthy of their ideals.” 

Out September 17th, Calling All Future Voters! is available directly from