What's That? (Schools)

Title: Hardback

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Jax loves the food his family cooks. But when his grandmother packs his favorite Chinese dishes for his first day of school, Jax discovers his lunch looks very different from what the rest of his classmates are eating. Embarrassed to eat his food, Jax finds himself sitting alone. When Meena sits next to him, the two strike an unexpected friendship over their lunches, sharing a mutual joy of time spent in the kitchen and the delicious meals they eat with their families. What’s That? is a heartwarming story about the foods that make up who we are and how the meals we eat can bring us together.

For ages 3+
Hardback ISBN: 9781737240402
Hardcover, 9” x 11”, full color illustrations, 40 pages
Printed on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper



"This children’s book promotes inclusivity and compassion by celebrating what makes us all unique and embracing family heritage and traditions. It follows the story of Jax, whose lunchbox doesn’t look like the other kids’, but is packed of love."

<br> - Forbes

"Ultimately What's That? demonstrates the vital role food plays in how we connect to our families and our cultures— as well as how we come to know and leave each other and our selves."

<br> - Publishers Weekly

Author & Illustrator

Karen Chan is a mom, entrepreneur and attorney who lives in Los Angeles. What’s That? is her debut children’s book and she is the founder of Gloo Books. She loves cooking and eating and is always thumbing through a new cookbook or children’s book.

Basia Tran is a Polish-Vietnamese children's book illustrator currently based in Jersey City, where she lives with her husband. She hopes that she can share her love of laughter and learning with the world through her art.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Sulahian
Such a cute book!

Perfect for gr. K-3, although because of the rhyming and great illustrations, you can use it for upper grade as well. So nice to have the glossary of ethnic food terms at the end of the book. Loved it - bought a bunch of them for all our classrooms!